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Labor Department

This departments offers advice and defense in all kind of matters regarding the social and working situation of the companies.

The professionals who work in this department provide a comprehensive service both in day-to- day labor relationships and also in litigation and consultancy matters.

We provide our services in the national sphere, given the fact that we have companies with workplaces practically everywhere in Spain.

Specifically, the Labor Area is divided in two sections:


Labor management section

The work fields are the following:

  • Daily legal and labor consultancy about the situations exposed by the companies in their labor relationships.
  • Administrative management before the Social Security regarding registrations, de-registrations and changes in the companies and employees.
  • Contract drafting according to the specific needs of every company, in compliance with the labor legislation.
  • Advice about the bonuses and subsidies that adjust to the established requirements to hire staff.
  • Drafting of agreements between companies and employees.
  • Monthly or daily monitoring of the labor relationship.
  • Confection of official wage receipts and companies’ final settlement receipts.
  • Conception and processing of liquidation bills regarding Social Security matters.
  • Transactions before appropriate institutions (National Social Security Institute and Work Accidents Mutual). We also manage temporary incapacitations by common contingencies and/or work-related diseases.
  • Study and assessment of the companies’ remuneration systems.
  • Advice in matters related to work day and schedule in any working field, including those that require special days.
  • Study of the collective bargaining agreement that affects the companies depending on their activity.
  • Internal companies’ protocols and policies.

Legal and labor sector

The work fields are the following:

  • Legal and labor counseling regarding contract expirations at the request of the company, evaluating the reasons in which these resolutions are founded. Our aim is that the expirations conform to the different types of documents established by the current regulation.
  • Representing clients in all kind of legal and out-of- court proceedings in the labor field.
  • Representing companies in administrative conciliation, mediation and/or arbitration.
  • Drafting of senior management contracts, as well as resolution, for any reason, of senior management relationships.
  • Drawing up of contractual terms regarding the specific needs of the companies.
  • Drawing up of service delivery contracts between companies and employees who work there.
  • Advice and/or intervention in staff restructuring processes both for collective expiration and for suspending work contracts.
  • Advice and/or intervention in geographical mobility processes, functional mobility and substantial changes in the working conditions.
  • Representing companies in negotiations with their employees’ legal representatives, the Works Council and/or employee delegation in any field regarding the labor relationships. We also represent them in the Safety and Health Committees.
  • Negotiation with the employees’ representatives about business agreements and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Advice about foreign matters, as well as processing files according to the current regulation.
  • Support before the Labor and Social Security Inspection Authorities. Drafting submissions and administrative appeals associated with the inspection. Acting as representative before labor courts associated with Labor Inspection Authorities’ action.
  • Advisory services regarding Social Security pensions and/or benefits (processes of permanent disability, retirement, widowhood and orphanage). Acting as legal representative before labor courts regarding Social Security matters.
  • Giving advice about Social Security treatment of managers, members of the Governing Board and companies’ directors and senior executives according to the criteria established by the Social Security.
  • Insolvency advice to companies in the labor field, including the intervention and/or representation of insolvent companies before the labor courts.

Department Manager

  • Marta Gozálvez López

    Management of the Management and Payrolls Area View profile |email
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